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Traditional Korean Hanok Stay



Hyusim Pension is a small village featuring various types of hanok structures. It was built by highlighting the virtues of the traditional Korean house and by modernizing interior facilities such as kitchen and toilets.

Experience the beauty of Korea in comfortable hanok.

Inquiries : +82-33-642-5075 / +82-10-7240-5075 /

(Korean, Englinsh, Japanese, Chinese)



↑a drawing

     gifted from a French guest

     in 2001

​↑a drawing gifted from a  Korean guest in 2015

Resting place for travelers

In the early 1990s, a young man had a flash of a simple dream. "Someday, I'll go back to my hometown where I was born and raised, build a thatched cottage, and create a comfortable shelter where the soul and the body of travelers can get enough rest.

It wasn't until about a decade later that the young man was able to build a thatched cottage and wait for travelers.

The young man became old and now he is thinking about how to make precious memories with travelers.

Comfortable Hanok

All of the hanok -traditional Korean house- in Hyusim was built in a traditional way with pine tree and ocher soil but the interior facilities like kitchen and toilet in a modern way.

You can relax and enjoy the beauty of hanok in comfort, breaking away the general perception, 'the traditional hanok is uncomfortable'.

You don't have to struggle with the language barrier. Managers of Hyusim can speak Korean, English, Japanese, and Chinese.

한옥스테이 인증서.JPG

Safe and reliable accommodation

The Korea Tourism Organization has certified Hyusim as an excellent hanok accommodation that provides quality services and cultural experience.


The Korea Tourism Organization (KTO) examines kindness, service, convenience, stability, cleanliness, and traditional experience programs, selects and certifies excellent Hanok accommodations, and manages them so that visitors can experience Hanok more satisfactorily through promotion and infrastructure improvement.

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