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Traditional Korean Hanok Stay



Hyusim Pension is a small village featuring various types of hanok structures. It was built by highlighting the virtues of the traditional Korean house and by modernizing interior facilities such as kitchen and toilets.

Experience the beauty of Korea in comfortable hanok.

Inquiries : +82-33-642-5075 / +82-10-7240-5075 /

(Korean, Englinsh, Japanese, Chinese)

Special Modern Hanok

Where tradition and modernity meet

Hyusim has created a new look of modern hanok. The beauty of the traditional house's lines is preserved, and a state-of-the-art system window is applied. It's more eco-friendly and more healthful.

Stone Barbecue

Bonfire Barbecue with Gamasotbob 

Enjoy the Stone Barbecue with Korean traditional food. You can only taste here rice cooked in a Gamasot -Korean traditional iron pot- and Nurungji. Make your tasty memory of Korea! (Operationg through reservations)

Room Service Breakfast

Homemade healthy breakfast 

Relax and enjoy the taste of Hyusim in the privacy of your own room.

(Operationg through reservations)

Experience Korean Culture

You can see, touch and even play!

Hyusim is full of interesting olden-day objects that will make you imagine the life of Koreans in past. You may find some common ground with your culture.

Good Location for travel

Located in Gyeongpo Provincial Park

Hyusim is adjacent to tourism spot such as Gyeongpo Beach and Gyeongpo Lake. 

Safe, Reliable and Honest

Certified by the Korea Tourism Organization

Hyusim has been selected as a Excellent Accommodation by the Korea Tourism Organization for its kindness, service, convenience, cleanliness and traditional experience programs.


사업자명 : 휴심펜션
등록번호 : 226-07-57235 / 통신판매업신고번호 : 제 2014-강원강릉-0044호
대     표 : 안순규
주     소 : 강원도 강릉시 저동골길 21 (저동 64-6번지)
전     화 : 033 - 642 - 5075 / 010 - 7240 - 5075 / 010-3370-5075

​계좌번호 : 농협 김남수 333051-52-215517

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